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Aaron Preyer (IJsselstein 1999) is a young driven designer based in The Netherlands. As a spatial designer, he graduated from the interior, styling, and design course at Nimeto Utrecht in 2020. He continued his educational process at Design Academy Eindhoven. Within the studio thinking hands he learns to work according to a hands-on approach. Alongside his education, he works in a clothing store where, among other things, he advises people on their personal styling.


Furthermore, Aaron is a sporty guy who likes to go for a run through the woods in his spare time. Nature is an important source of inspiration and tranquillity for Aaron. During his holidays too, he prefers to look for beautiful natural spots to walk through and take photos. Curious about some of his photos? Then visit the photo page.

Artist statement

Since I was a little child, I have been fascinated by stories and fairy tales. The more imaginative the better. The emotion and message captured within these narratives appeal to me the most. I take these values with me in daily life and within my projects. It is important to me that I can tell something through my projects. How beautiful a certain element of nature is and how I can magnify it and make it visible through the use of design. Or a social or societal problem that becomes visible through my translation.  My design often contains light and movement end very from objects or products to conceptual design. Materialization comes from a research phase full of experiments to discover which material fits best. I have no preference for a particular material but often lean towards more natural materials.  



06 53 12 87 48 


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